The Symptoms Of
Yeast Infection

By Jim Somchai


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Many people especially female may wonder what a yeast infection is and what a yeast infection looks like. Is what I get a yeast infection? We will talk about the symptoms of yeast infection here.

There are many signs of yeast infection that you can preliminary check by yourself. The most accurate way, of course, is to see the doctor and have him or her figure out. However, since yeast infection can be cured using holistic or natural way, many people do need to find out by themselves if what they get is yeast infection. Here are the most common symptoms of yeast infections:

Rash and Itch

This can happen in many part of the body. It also can happen to men, women, children or even babies. Diaper rash is another form of yeast infection. The itchiness can vary from mild to intense. One of the groups that are highly disturbed by yeast infection is women. They will have intense vaginal itching while they have yeast infection.

White vaginal discharge

The symptom will come with the bread or beer smell. The color of the discharge will be like cottage cheese white. Some will get rather softer color which tends to be more transparent.

Burning sensation while urinating

Due to the infection, the mucosal area inside the vagina is disturbed. As a result, the patient will suffer the difficulty and burning sensation while she goes to the bathroom.

Painful sexual intercourse

The person who has yeast infection should refrain from having sex since the yeast infection can be contagious. However, if one has the intercourse, she will feel uncomfortable and some time painful due to the rash in the vaginal area. This may cause other complications if it is not carefully solved.

Vulva inflammation

The skin around vaginal orifice is called vulva. It can be swell, reddish and warmer due to the inflammation.

Yeast infection can happen to any body. Some people get it more than once. This article helps you to find out the basic symptoms of yeast infection.

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