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Root Causes of Panic Attacks-
What You Need to Know

by Lia Felabhoe

Panic attacks are very devastating and terrifying experience.

Having intrusive thoughts and extreme fear that you cannot control leading to physical symptoms like chest pains, sweating, trembling, feeling of fainting and dizziness is very scary especially if it happens in public places or while doing tasks like driving. Knowing the root causes of panic attacks will help you prevent and eliminate the debilitating effects of these attacks.

There are a number of root causes of panic attacks and here are some of them:
Emotional stress and previous experiences. Too much emotional stress and traumatic experiences could result to intrusive thoughts and high level of anxiety leading to panic attacks.

This could be death in the family or other distressing events involving loved ones. For instance, traumatic experiences like drowning in water experience could also be one of the causes of panic attacks to some people every time they see bodies of water. Whatever traumatic experiences that keep lingering in your mind could be one of the root causes of panic attacks.

Another one of the root causes of panic attacks is heredity. If you have family members who have panic disorder you might have the tendency to have it too. It doesn't mean that all family members will have the disorder, but if it runs in the family you have the possibility to develop it. Although someone without a family history of panic disorder can also develop panic disorder.

Poor diet and vitamin deficiency. If your body is not properly nourished, there is imbalance in your body and brains. You have good control with your emotions like anxiety if you have proper diet, sufficient nutrients and vitamins in your body. For instance, Vitamin B deficiency is one of the root causes of panic attacks to some people.

Knowing the triggers and root cause of panic attacks is the first step in seeking treatment. Anxiety and Panic disorder is treatable. If you want to discover how to control and eliminate panic attacks for good, there are easy to follow steps on how to cure anxiety and panic attacks.

To find out more visit <b><a href="">Panic Away</a></b>

To know more about panic and anxiety attacks visit <b><a href="">Conquer Panic Attacks</a></b>

To know more about natural remedies visit <b><a href="">Great Discovery-Health and Beauty</a></b>

About the author: Lia Felabhoe writes informative articles on various subjects including Root Causes of Panic Attacks- What You Need to Know.

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Learn how to eliminate anxiety and panic attacks starting now.

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As with all heath issues, you should seek the help of a qualified medical professional to have any of your symptoms properly diagnosed.


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