Do You Have a Peaceful Family Life
- it is possible!

Do you and your family have a peaceful family life or is this something you just dream about? Do you have good relationships with all your family members? Despite what you may think, it is possible to be on good terms with all your family members, but it may be something that you have to work on for quite some time!

Do you have a peaceful family life?

Life really is too short, and we really do need to make the best of the time we have here, and that means making the most of our family too. From the day a baby is born, its parents are the most important thing in life, providing that tiny infant with food and shelter, and a healthy environment. Parents teach that child the values in life, what is acceptable behavior, and what is not.

Now none of us are perfect, but we can try to be dependable and honest with everyone, and since children learn through example, it is important that parents teach their children this skill through their contact with people, so that the children see your thoughtful ways and your dependability, even if you are feeling annoyed or angry. Always try to be a good family member, a good person to rely on when times get tough, as they probably will at some time or other, a good person to turn to in a crisis, or just for a comforting hug.

What kind of a family member are you? Do little things really irritate you? Whose problem is this?
We often try to blame others for how we are feeling, but often it is our choice to feel angry or irritated. We choose to get angry when our teenager has the radio blaring out in the car, or the tv on way too loud. Maybe instead of getting annoyed you can view it another way. Be grateful that your children are comfortable to be themselves in your presence. Maybe you can learn to block out the sounds you don't like. Clashing with your teens over every little thing - and there can be many things! - will not lead to a peaceful family life. Learn not to fret over the trivial things. If your daughter likes a messy room, and you don't, then don't go in her room. Let her deal with it as she chooses, provided it is kept clean of course, and keep the door closed so you don't see the mess. Complaining about it all the time will not get it tidied, and what is more important? A very tidy room, or a happy family life?

Now I am not saying that it is easy to have a peaceful home life, but you do have choices. Choose your battles. Is it better that your teen keeps a clean tidy room, or is a happy, social person, a joy to be with? Think about your decisions, and what is important to you. And I think there in lies the problem for a lot of families - thinking needs time. So often we are just in a flurry of activity, fitting in so many things into our day, that we don't even have time to think. We are continually reacting instead of considering how important an action is.

May be it is time to slow down a little and take note of all the wonderful things we have in our lives. Have you taken the time to enjoy a walk in the rain, to observe nature, to feel the warmth of the sun, the power of the wind? We are all so busy that we are stressing ourselves unduly with everything we try to pack into a day that we often fail to appreciate those of our family who are around us. How are your children turning out? Are they turning into great young adults who are also dependable and honest, just like their parents?

Try to keep some family time, a time when all those living in the same house can get together to enjoy something together, whether it is a game or a movie, or a meal. Just do it, and regularly and accept that every one is different, so yes, you will disagree with some things they say or do, but you do not have to choose to be angry or upset by it. Choose to deal with all situations calmly, for the sake of a peaceful family life!



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