A Survival (and Pampering!) Guide for an overwhelmed, tired, stressed- out Mom!

 In fact, for all Moms who are trying to retain their sanity while meeting everyone else's needs!

 This site is designed specifically for Moms, to help you meet YOUR needs - yes, you, the person who spends 99% of your time responding to everyone else’s - the needs of your kids, your husband, your job (whether outside the home or within the home), perhaps even your parents.

 As a mother today you're expected to be everything, and do just about everything. Our modern lives seem to have made being a mother harder, not easier! Despite all our modern conveniences, can you imagine coping today with 4- and 5-kid family common not too long ago? (Maybe you ARE - in which case you really, really need this site!)

Here, Mom comes first. That means YOU come first - you're entitled to be selfish some of the time. Give yourself permission!

My goals here are simple

 - to put busy Moms just a click away from anything and everything that might help you survive your day and retain your sanity (that’s a mother's goal #1, in my opinion) ... while bringing up kids so they don't feature too often on a Most Wanted list on a Real TV show (goal

#2) ... retaining a relationship with your husband/boyfriend (if you have one) that involves more romance than an affectionate grunt over breakfast (goal #3).

If you don't have one, goal #3 is to help you have a CHOICE whether you want to cultivate civil (or otherwise) relationships with the opposite sex;

and let's not forget goal

#4 ... mothers are entitled to have a life along the way!

So, to help you with this, we have all sorts of topics, covering romance, women's health, parenting, saving time by shopping online, and all about energy savings and the renewable resources of solar power, and wind power. And the lsit continues to grow, so check back often to see what's new, and how we are making moms' lives easier!




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